Set up ALL your new
home essential services instantly!

Why National Home Rentals? The Power of Choice.

Think or see guaranteed (fixed) rates for top utility providers in your area.
Setup your new home instantly!
One-Stop shop for all of your needs. Avoid endless phone calls with hundreds of vendors.

Through National Home Rentals you can setup all of your utilites and essential services instantly!

We can help you setup your TV, Internet, Electricity, Gas, Insurance, Movers, Home Security, and even changing your address with USPS.

National Home Rentals, Explained

National Home Rentals operates as a master broker — we'll submit the new account requests as an authorized agent on your behalf and manage all the account setup work.

You will be provided with options for gas, electricity, TV, internet, home security, and more based upon the suppliers that are currently servicing your new home's area.

Safe and secure data is a top priority for National Home Rentals. Sensitive account information is securely encrypted in our records. We will never share your personal information with a 3rd party. With National Home Rentals, your information is kept 100% confidential.

We work directly with hundreds of trusted telecommunications providers and energy suppliers. We update our data feeds in real-time and allow you to show and compare pricing to bundle up your fully-customized home services bundle in one easy streamlined transaction

National Home Rentals eliminates the need to spend hours on the phone with each supplier. National Home Rentals offers a truly hassle-free shopping and purchasing experience.

National Home Rentals has relationships established with the largest and most well-known utilities and home essential service suppliers. National Home Rentals receives a commission for referring business to these various vendors and this allows us to offer our concierge service for free to you.

USPS will send you an official USPS confirmation letter to your new addreses upon completion of the registration process. The confirmation letter will include a confirmation number which will deliver to you within 1-2 weeks of submitting the request.

If you haven't received your USPS confirmation letter, you can stop by your local post office and they will be able to help.

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